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Executive Director's Message

Directed by Person Centered Thinking, Nanaimo Association for Community Living supports individuals with developmental disabilities by providing services that promote whole life balance.

"As our mission statement above infers, we at NACL believe that it is of utmost importance to listen to people's wants and needs, so that we provide services that are reflective of our community and those that live here.  We believe that a holistic approach, which examines all facets of an individual's life, is essential in promoting personal growth and development."

Graham Morry - Executive Director

Service Transformation

Paradigm shifts can happen through demonstrated success, and a willingness to take risks. Our role as an agency is to have the vision and strength of conviction to go where others have been unwilling or unable to go.

The evolution of change...

The process of transforming a social service agency that delivers traditional staffed residential and day supports to individuals with a developmental disability is both daunting and complex. We have trained ourselves to look at the population we serve as vulnerable and helpless. Through a process of open dialogue and a frank examination of the issues, we can begin to shift our cultural bias of people with a developmental disability.

The journey from parental condescension to empowered independence will be long, and will require constant, thoughtful reflection. A vision supported by concrete plans based on a one-person-at-a-time philosophy makes it an achievable dream. NACL has begun this process by embracing Person Centered Thinking, a tool which impels us to create the mechanisms that allow for the greatest possible degree of personal growth and independence.

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Our Commitments

NACL is committed to removing the barriers faced by individuals with a developmental disability that prevent them from reaching their full potential. Only through creating a society that is inclusive of all its citizens can this goal be obtained.

  • Commitment to Community
    Commitment to Community

    Being part of our Community is essential for our Association.  Community, as we define it, means all of its citizens.  On a broader scope, NACL extends this definition of community to include our corporate partners.  As a strong, vibrant agency, NACL takes a leadership role in building an inclusive community.

  • Commitment to Inclusion
    Commitment to Inclusion

    The concept of inclusion is the foundation of NACL's values and principles.  To not be included means to stand outside the community, and this can be a very lonely place indeed.  We strive to involve all people in our efforts towards a fully-inclusive society, be they considered disabled or not.  Only by seeing everyone as equals can we be truly inclusive.

  • Commitment to Service
    Commitment to Service

    Person Centered Planning drives the development of all new services NACL provides. As historical service delivery models evolve, person-centeredness is the engine for change.

Community Services

NACL is intent on developing or accessing generic services that provide a holistic approach when supporting an individual. Through Person Centered Planning, we gain insight into a person's whole life needs, which then enables us to, whenever possible, provide those supports internally. If we are not best suited to fulfill a specific service need, then we can work with our community partners to ensure this need is met. Understanding the scope of and having positive relationships with our community partners allows us to access generic services and provide better supports for those we serve.

Our Services

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